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Children's Art Classes

Term art classes are the perfect complement to your child’s creative education. It is a great way for your child to explore and develop their creativity and confidence.
Each term has a rotation of themes to stimulate and broaden skills and techniques with different art materials and genres, including drawing, painting, portraiture, imagination and landscape.

TERM 4 THEME: Painting Tonal Landscapes, with Acrylics. Students will learn about the tonal relationships of shapes within the urban landscape, and will be working outdoors. 

Understanding Tone is essential in creating mood, the illusion of form and spacial depth. It can also be used to create a focal point within a picture using contrast between light and dark tone. In most images there needs to be a minimum of 4 tones to create a successful balance.

Term 4 $220 (10 Weeks)  (Materials Included).

Term 4 Class Packages Now Available

TUE     10th Oct – 12th December  4pm to 5pm

WED   11th Oct – 13th December   4pm to 5pm

THU    12th Oct – 14th December  4pm to 5pm

SAT     14th Oct – 16th December  11am – 12pm  NEW!!   

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Adult Mosaic Workshops
Mosaic workshops are regularly available on Saturdays (10-2pm), and other days are available by appointment. One of the charms with mosaic is that it is very easy to learn, and with a guiding hand every student will produce a great result.

Workshops consist of 2 x 4hour sessions to complete your project in. These need to be completed within the month period. Mosaic workshops are regularly available on Saturday. Other days and times are available by arrangement with Pip. For your project you can choose from a bird bath, house number, a wall plaque or your own individual application. Pip also provides delicious refreshments and lunch for her students.

Saturdays (10-2pm)

Cost is $320   (Materials Included).

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School Holiday Programme

From Mon 25th September – Friday 29th September 2017

Mosaic Garden Art (6yrs+)  MON OR WED 10am to 4pm

Children love colour, and together with assembling pre-broken tiles in different shapes and sizes, they can easily create stunning designs for wall plaques or house numbers.

Painting with Tiles (6yrs+) TUE 10am to 3pm

Painting with tiles is so much fun! It is just like doing a jig saw puzzle, but not as hard. By selecting pre-broken tiles in different, colours, shapes and sizes, and assembling them together on a canvas to form intuitive, creative, imaginative and abstract images. This is a very relaxing way for children to enjoy their creativity.

Mastering Color (Adults and Children 6yrs+) THURS 10am to 3pm

There is SO much to get excited about colour. Imagine what it might feel like to be a MASTER OF COLOUR, like Van Gogh or Paul Cezanne? This can be achieved in this workshop by learning to create any colour from only 6 primaries. What are the “ish” colours? When do we use “Assassin Black”? Did you know that colour is energy and that it has an emotional effect on us?> Come along, bring your friend and immerse yourself into the beautiful world of colour.

Paint A Still Life (Adults and Children 7yrs+) FRI 10am to 3pm

This is a great opportunity to learn about painting and still life. Students will learn to create a still life on canvas through a series of simple steps.

The steps include; to draw, to block in and to progressively add detail .
These steps are repeated continuously until the painting is finished. Every student produces a good result at the end of the day, even if they have never done something like this before!

Cost per class is $100 or Book 2 (Classes or Students) and receive $40 cash back! All materials included, including a delicious home made lunch.

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DIY Mosaic House Numbers

Create your own individual house numbers. Be bold to be different! These numbers are ready for you to create your personality and colour scheme that suits your house, or perhaps as a gift for someone else as a house warming. The size of these numbers are 35cmx 21cm.

You will learn the art of mosaic and discover what the significance of your number(s) is.

For 1 x Number     – $100

For 2 x  Numbers  – $200

For 3 x Numbers   – $250

Every Saturday by appointment  10am – 3pm

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