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Children's Art Classes

Term art classes are the perfect complement to your child’s creative education. It is a great way for your child to explore and develop their creativity and confidence.
Each term has a rotation of themes to stimulate and broaden skills and techniques with different art materials and genres, including drawing from the imagination, tonal landscape painting, still life with water colour, still life with acrylics, portraiture with chalk pastel and mastering colour.

Term 3 $270 (10 Weeks)  (Materials Included).

Theme: Learning about the elements and principles of design to create designs for textiles or other commercial purposes. We will be using inspiration based on plants, flowers, birds, insects, and imagination. Students will explore the use of rhythm and repetition of line or shape particularly for this form of design. We will also be looking at the bold and graphic textile designs of Australian designer Florence Broadhurst. The medium used for this term is pen and ink.

Term 3 Class Packages Now Available

TUE     17th July 2018  –   18th September  4pm to 5pm

WED    18th July 2018  –  19th September  4pm to 5pm

THU     19th July 2018  –  20th September 4pm to 5pm

SAT      21st July 2018  –   22nd September 9am – 10am  NEW!!    

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Adult Mosaic Workshops

Be Inspired………..You’ll love the colour, versatility and creativity of ceramic mosaic art!  One of the charms with mosaic is that it is very easy to learn, with no artistic experience or skills necessary. You will be guided and supported in achieving your goals. If you have no idea what you want to create, Pip will help to facilitate the ideas with you.

For your project you can choose from a bird bath, house number or a wall plaque. You may like to discuss an alternative idea. Many students choose a wall plaque as their first project because they can hang it up right away.

Pip also provides a delicious lunch for her students.

Saturdays (10-2pm) and other days and times are available by appointment. 

Cost is $320   (Materials Included).

*Special Deal: BRING A FRIEND, SAVE $20 EACH!

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School Holiday Programme

From Mon 24TH SEPTEMBER  –  Friday 28th SEPTEMBER 2018

MOSAIC GARDEN ART (6yrs+)  MON OR WED 10am to 4pm

Mosaic is so much fun, and easy for children of all ages. In this workshop the tiles are already pre broken on trays for the children to easily select the colours, shapes and sizes of tiles to place onto their designs. Once the designs are tiled, glued and grouted, the art works are transformed into stunningly beautiful wall plaques!

PAINTING WITH TILES  (6yrs+) TUE 10am to 3pm

Starting with a blank canvas, and a “palette” of assorted pre broken tiles of many colours, shapes and sizes; students begin to assemble an image together like a jig saw puzzle, with no pre conceived idea of what will emerge. Painting with tiles is so much fun!  Imagination, trust and patience are the keys to the enjoyment and success of this workshop. You can never predict what is going to come from YOUR imagination!

MASTERING COLOUR  (6yrs+ and adults) THURS 10am to 3pm

There is so much to discover, learn and appreciate about colour and colour mixing in this workshop! Students will learn to mix colour from only 6 basic primaries. From these primaries with black and white you will be able to mix any colour and tone from Nature. You will discover what the “ish” colours are and how to make them, as well as when to use “Assassin Black”! All  colours are energy and impact on our emotions. Apart from making colour and understanding the relationships between the different colour families and their complements, this workshop will give you confidence, practical skills and tricks specifically for painting created by the modern masters of colour; Paul Cezanne and Vincent Van Gogh! Don’t miss out. You will love it!  This workshop is great to accompany with Painting Still Life.

PAINTING A STILL LIFE  ( 7yrs+ adults) FRI 10am to 3pm

There is no better way to learn about painting and still life than in a workshop like this!  Students will learn to paint a still life in acrylic paints on canvas, through a simple 2-step process, that allows every student to achieve great results. Students will learn to create strong compositions and to overcome challenges as they arise. Learning to mix colours better and creating good colour harmony or contrast is a process of constant refinement. Each student has their own style of expression and level of development, so everybody will gain something different.  Adults are welcome to join this workshop!

Cost for each workshop is $100 or Book 2 (Classes or Students) and receive $40 cash back! All materials included, including a delicious home made lunch.

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DIY Mosaic House Numbers

Create your own unique and individual house numbers. Be bold and different! These 

numbers are ready for you to put your personality on, or a particular colour scheme that suits your house. They are a great gift suggestion as a house warming gift!  The dimensions of the large numbers are 34cm x 21cm x 12mm. Smaller dimensions are also available; 23cm x 14cm x 12mm, 20cm x 12cm x 12mm, 18cm x 11cm x 12mm.

For 1 x Number     – $100

For 2 x  Numbers  – $200

For 3 x Numbers   – $250

Every Saturday by appointment  10am – 2pm

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