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for YOU.

Having a pet portrait created by Pip is something that you will always treasure. Created in tiles these portraits make the perfect gift for someone who is an animal and art lover. They are made ready to hang inside or outside. Every effort in taken to recreate the likeness and personality of your beloved friend and to bring them to life on your walls.
The first step is to take a selection of your best images and send them to pip@pipedwards.com to begin the process.

Here are some helpful hints to ensure you get the best results for your portrait :
  • Take photos on the same level as your pet, either elevate them or get down to their level.
  • Ensure that the subject is looking directly at the lens. Talk to them and keep them engaged. Use treats as they get bored very quickly.
  • Take images that are representative in gesture and attitude.
  • Be prepared to take as many images as it takes until you have what you love.
Prices start from $450


Hi Pip, just to let you know that my sister Minnie just loved your masterpiece. I can’t thank you enough. She was truely overwhelmed and could not believe how it looked so much like her beautiful Dylan. Thanks so much.
~ Deb Mehegan
Dear Pip, my dear friend Mary Anne commissioned you to make a mosaic of my dog Henry. I just wanted to thank you. it is a magical, vibrant mosaic, created with intuition and obvious love of your work and the people you create it for.
Hello Pip, its Katie, Noddy’s Mum….I just wanted to tell you how overwhelmed I am with how you have captured my boy!! You have done the most amazing job and I will treasure it forever…….Thank you.

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